Elgiz Museum

March 24, 2010 02:18 by haci
Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art : Proje4L ‘Istanbul Museum of Contemporary Art’,which was closed in order to convert to being a contemporary art museum was re-opened at the same location on the 25th of December, 2004 under the name, Proje4L ‘Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art’. For three years, Pro... [More]

Yedikule Museum

March 24, 2010 02:15 by haci
Yedikule Museum: It is called Yedikule dungeons. It has been the scene of important events of Byzantium and Ottoman histories. It was used as a prison

Rumeli Hisari Museum

March 24, 2010 02:12 by haci
Rumeli Hisari Museum (1950): The building exhibits its own characteristics. Concerts are given in Rumeli Hisari from time to time.

Cistern Basilica

March 24, 2010 00:48 by haci
Byzantine cistern from the 6th century built by Justinian I and is located to the south-west of Hagia Sophia. The water was brought from Belgrade Forest, 19 kilometers to the north of Istanbul, and it had a capacity to store 100.000 tons of water. It features fine brick vaulting supported by 336 var... [More]

Mosaics Museum

March 24, 2010 00:44 by haci
This museum, opened to the public in 1953 behind Sultanahmet Mosque, consists of the remains of the Great Palace of the Byzantine Empire built by Constantine the Great (324-337). These remains consists of mosaics, columns and other architectural pieces which had once been part of the Great Palace. T... [More]

Fethiye Mosque Museum

March 24, 2010 00:42 by haci
Fethiye Mosque (Pammakaristos Church) Museum The Byzantine church dedicated to the Virgin "Pammakaristos" (The Most Happy) was built in 1261. After the Conquest, it was used as a nunnery and it became the see of Christian Orthodox Patriarchate between 1455-1587, then converted into a mos... [More]

Fire Brigade Museum

March 23, 2010 23:16 by haci
This museum presents a chronological history of fire fighting in Istanbul starting with the water pumpers (tulumbaci in Turkish) of Ottoman times. All kinds of fire brigade equipment, from the first motorized fire engines to firemen’s clothing and tools, are displayed. The museum in its present buil... [More]

Istanbul Aviation Museum

March 23, 2010 23:11 by haci
The museum stands within the Air Command Headquarters of Istanbul and has both indoor and outdoor exhibition sections; jet-motor and hovercrafts, cargo planes, helicopters, some aviation arms, pictures, emblems, medallions and belongings of Turkish air pilots are displayed. The Museum also features ... [More]

Naval Museum

March 23, 2010 23:07 by haci
The museum was opened to public m 1960. It displays the uniforms of the Turkish sailors, models of Turkish naval vessels, and paintings, engravings and maps related to Turkish maritime history. Also the materials and souvenirs from the vessels used in the first years of Ottoman Empire and the Republ... [More]

Military Museum

March 23, 2010 00:54 by haci
The museum consists of many interesting military pieces such as uniforms belonging to every period of Ottoman army, various weapons from bow and arrow to triggered guns, seals, armors, tent of the sultan, sultan swords, flags, photos of ministers of defense, Byzantine Cavalry Flag, various warfare p... [More]

Panorama 1453 History Museum

March 23, 2010 00:51 by haci
One of the newest sights of Istanbul and the first and the only panoramic museum in Turkey, describing the Conquest of Constantinople in 1453 with 3-D objects and paintings, including sounds too. The museum is located in front of the ancient city walls of Edirnekapi where the Janissaries were first ... [More]

Toy Museum

March 23, 2010 00:43 by haci
This is a private museum founded by Mr. Sunay Akin in a historical residence that belongs to his family, in Goztepe district of Istanbul. Approximately 2000 toys and miniatures are exhibited in the museum that occupies 500 square meters of land. Sunay Akin has collected some 4000 toys from Turkey an... [More]

Dogancay Museum

March 23, 2010 00:38 by haci
The Dogancay Museum, Turkey's first modern art museum, was officially opened in 2004. It is centrally located in a 150-year old historic building in the bustling section of Beyoglu in walking distance from Taksim Square. The museum provides a general overview of a small portion of the prolific oeuvr... [More]

Ismet Inonu Museum

March 23, 2010 00:34 by haci
Inonu was the second president of the Turkish Republic. The summer house on Heybeli Island was bought by him in 1934 and lately it is rennovated and opened as a museum in 2008. There are personal objects and books of Ismet Inönü, as well as some exhibitions. The admission is free. Open from April ... [More]

Adam Mickiewicz Museum

March 23, 2010 00:32 by haci
Adam Mickiewicz, Polish romantic poet and playwright, was born in Zaosie in 1798. He was arrested by the Russian police in 1823 because of taking part in a semisecret group which protested Russian control of Poland, he was jailed and then exiled to Russia. After his release, he spent the rest of his... [More]

Ottoman Bank Museum

March 21, 2010 01:02 by haci
It's located in the former head office of the Ottoman Bank on Voyvoda Street in Karakoy district and operates under the aegis of the Garanti Bank sponsored Ottoman Bank Archive and Research Center. The museum, organized in and around the bank's safe room, draws on a wealth of information from the ba... [More]

Rezan Has Museum

March 21, 2010 00:58 by haci
Rezan Has Museum This private museum is located inside the Kadir Has University in the Golden Horn, inside an old building which also contains some relics of a Byzantine cistern and Ottoman hamam. The museum displays paintings and documents belonging to important persons who draw the Golden Horn i... [More]

Vedat Nedim Tor Museum

March 21, 2010 00:56 by haci
This museum is located in the Yapi Kredi Bank building in Galatasaray district and contains a collection of coins, embroidered textiles, gold covered copper objects, calligraphy, rosaries, Karagoz figures and ethnographic works. Open to the public during exhibitions around central themes. Tel: ... [More]

Pera Museum

March 21, 2010 00:38 by haci
The museum was opened in July 2005 by the Suna-Inan Kirac Foundation, another project of Koc family. The old building was originally constructed in 1893 by architect Achille Manousos and restored recently for the modern museum. Kutahya tiles, Anatolian weights and measurements, and Oriental portrait... [More]

Bahcesehir College Science Museum

March 20, 2010 23:52 by haci
One of the newest museums of Istanbul opened in June 2008 inside the Bahcesehir private highschool. The museum has several tools and work stations aiming young children to explore the scientific world. Young visitors can test and learn several facts of science and physics at the interactive stations... [More]

Santralistanbul Energy Arts Museum

March 20, 2010 23:50 by haci
The building used to be an electric power plant built by Hungarians in 1914 at the tip of the Golden Horn, and known as Silahtaraga Electric Plant. It produced energy for Istanbul from Ottoman period until 1983 then it was shut down because it wasn't effective anymore to compete with modern technolo... [More]

Islamic Sciences Technology History Museum

March 20, 2010 23:35 by haci
One of the newest museums of Istanbul opened by the Metropolitan Municipality in May 2008 at Gulhane Park, near Topkapi Palace. There are plans, copies and replicas of several inventions of Muslim scientists and researches throughout the history of Islam, especially between 8th and 16th centuries AD... [More]

Tanzimat Museum

March 20, 2010 23:13 by haci
19th century documents and objects belonging to the Ottoman Tanzimat period are displayed in this museum. It was first opened in the Ihlamur Mansion in 1952 and moved to its present location in Gulhane Park just below Topkapi Palace in 1983. It is situated in the Ihlamur Summerhouse in Besiktas. A... [More]

Divan Literature Museum

March 20, 2010 23:09 by haci
Divan Literature Museum The first dervish lodge in the city was built in 1492 and belongs to the Mevlevi order founded by Mevlana. The present wooden structure on the site dates from the late 18th century. It is situated in a large garden that includes a cemetery in the Tunel district of Pera. His... [More]

Rahmi Koc Industrial Museum

March 20, 2010 14:59 by haci
This museum is located in the anchor casting workshop at the docks on the Golden Horn (Halic in Turkish), an area that symbolized industrialization in the Ottoman Empire of the 19th century. The anchor casting workshop was built in the era of Ahmet II (1703-1730) and the building’s foundations go ba... [More]

Istanbul City Museum

March 18, 2010 23:44 by haci
The museum was first located in the Bayezit Municipal Library from the year 1939 until it was moved to the Fine Arts building of the Yildiz Palace complex in 1988. On display are paintings depicting the social life of the Ottoman period in Istanbul, calligraphy, textiles, 18th and 19th century porce... [More]

Carpet and Kilim Museum

March 18, 2010 23:41 by haci
This museum is located in the Hunkar Kasri (royal residence), which stands north of the Sultanahmet mosque (known as Blue Mosque) complex. Hunkar Kasri was the place where the Sultan used to rest before he would join the prayer in the mosque. The museums has unique pieces of old Ottoman rugs and kil... [More]

Caricature Museum

March 18, 2010 23:38 by haci
This museum was opened in 1975 in Tepebasi by the Istanbul Municipality through the efforts of the Caricaturists Association, then temporarily closed down in 1980 as the building where it was housed was torn down and later re-opened in its new site in Fatih district. The Gazanfer Aga complex, whic... [More]

Fine Arts Museum

March 18, 2010 23:30 by haci
On the order of Ataturk, this museum was opened in 1937 in the crown prince suites of Dolmabahce Palace. It was the first art museum in Turkey and only one in Istanbul until recently. The permanent collection presents a panoramic view of the Turkish plastic arts and also includes works of world famo... [More]

Sadberk Hanim Museum

March 18, 2010 23:27 by haci
Founded by the Vehbi Koc Foundation in 1980 in the historical Azaryan residence along the Bosphorus, this museum is a beautiful three-story "yali" (old Ottoman house) and houses a rich collection of Anatolian-based works of art, antiques and relics dating from 6000 BC. It is the first priv... [More]