Aga Bath

March 16, 2010 22:21 by haci
The hammam was built in 1610 by Ismail Aga who was the head (Aga) of food storage keeper of sultan Ahmet I. It has separate sections for both men and women. The hammam is in the Uskudar district, on the Asian side of Istanbul. Tel: (216) 333 38 27

Eski (Old) Bath

March 16, 2010 22:19 by haci
The hammam is located in Uskudar district. Its architect and building year are unknown but historic and architectural evidences show that it should date back to 15th century. It's also known as Sifa (cure) Baths. The hammam has separate sections for men and women which are still in use today. It's... [More]

Cinili Hamam

March 16, 2010 22:13 by haci
Cinili Hamam was built in 1640. It is a place where you can have a bath in a traditional Turkish Bath... The hamam is not too big but it is very cute and warm being there. You can take a bath also feel refreshed yourself... It is used by the people who realy like having bath in a historical and ... [More]

Sofular Turkish Bath

March 16, 2010 22:09 by haci
It's located in Fatih district. The hammam was built in the beginning of 16th century. Dressing rooms are lined on two floors and there is a small decorative water jet pool in the middle. Open everyday between 06:00-23:00 for the men, and between 08:30-20:00 for the women. Tel: (212) 521 37 59

Buyuk Grand Bath

March 16, 2010 22:05 by haci
The hammam was built in 1533 by architect Sinan next to a mosque at Kasimpasa district. It has separate sections for both men and women. Tel: (212) 253 42 29

Galatasaray Bath

November 3, 2009 22:16 by haci
Historical Galatasaray Bath The Galatasaray Hamam was built by Bayezit II in 1481 with the Galatasaray Külliyesi (complex of buildings adjacent to a mosque). It is located in the Galatasaray neighborhood of the Beyoğlu district, at the junction of Turnacıbaşı and Çapanoğlu streets in Istanbul. ... [More]

Gedikpasa Bath

November 3, 2009 21:52 by haci
  Historical Turkish Baths of Istanbul   Turkish Bath Culture has roots in Roman Baths and its a history of several centuries starting from Ottoman times. This book provides detailed information about Ottoman Bath Architecture, The Essential Components of the Bath: Tellak and Natir, Th... [More]

Suleymaniye Turkish Bath

November 3, 2009 21:39 by haci
  The Suleymaniye Hamam, built in 1557 by Sinan the architect,was one of the most visited places by Suleyman, the Magnificent. Süleymaniye Bath, designed by Sinan the Architect is a part of the complex (kulliye) including the Suleymaniye Mosque. In the bath there is a lodge built for Sultan... [More]

Cemberlitas Bath

November 3, 2009 21:32 by haci
  The Çemberlitas Bath is located on Çemberlitas Square on Divanyolu Street situated in the midst of some of Istanbul’s greatest monuments.  It is next to the Vezirhan monument erected by Constantine I (324 - 327). The Köprülü Mahmud Pasa complex with its mosque, school and tombs are dire... [More]